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Laksen has since 1980 specialized in the development and production of clothing for hunting and outdoor life.

Respect for people, animals and nature are crucial to the way we do business.
If you buy a Laksen product, it is proven quality inside out.


It’s a serene morning. The first rays of sunshine come dancing through the treetops and you’re all set in your watchtower. Calmly, almost silently, a majestic buck moves across the forest floor and out through the tress. Finally. The long waiting time pays off! Moments like this are our greatest source of inspiration. We share your passion for hunting.

Amakulu Safari

Amakulu Safari is located in the southern African savannah, east of the town of Kimberley in the middle of South Africa.

Amakulu Safari is a company owned by Hettie and John Ekkenberg, they live in South Africa so that they can offer the best service to their customers . Hettie is South African and John is from Denmark.

Since 2000 Hettie and John has traveled around South Africa to find the best photo and safaris.
Hettie and John are both trained as PH (professional hunter trained) and tourist guides, so whatever your requirements may be, Amakulu Safari fulfill them.

Trophy Art

When it comes to hunting trophies from around the world, Trophy art is the leading taxidermist of Denmark.

With attention to design, details, anatomy and vividness your hunting trophy is in the safe hands of Trophyart.

Gun No1

At Gun No1 you will find finer, used, mainly English, collectors weapons.

Shakari Connection

Shakari Connection is a comprehensive online African hunting safari information guide written by real African hunters, covering hunting and travel in 13 African countries.

You can find information on any African hunting topic from starting to plan a hunting safari and right through to shipping your trophies home. You can find out about firearms & ammo, what to wear, how to keep healthy, how to travel with a rifle, how to budget for a safari, African game shot placement and much more.

Our aim is to provide accurate, unbiased, up-to-date information on every aspect of an African hunting safari.

Genie Corp.

Genie Corp. is an advertising and consulting firm that works to develop and optimize value to companies, associations and organizations. Genie Corp. solves challenges within traditional marketing, PR and strategy.