Danish Customs serves as the executive control of the import of hunting trophies. Customs are performing mandatory monitoring of all hunting trophies from third Countries.

There are also special customs rules for imports of hunting trophies. Please contact your local country customs office for further details information on clearence of your hunting trophies. Your local customs office will also be able to give you  links with the application forms.

Hunters who have been hunting in countries outside the EU can bring or receive trophies of the animals they have hunted.  There are special provisions for endangered animals, etc.

To determine the customs value  for hunting trophies, the normal transaction value is not used because hunting trophies are not considered like commercial cargo.

For the purposes of customs valuation in cases where it introduced a trophy is from an animal that is hunted by the person who introduces the trophy, or when the trophy has received free, there are prepared the following guidelines:
Hunting Trophies of the species under CITES or EU rules are not allowed to metabolize, has for the same reason, no legal commercial value. This applies to all species listed in CITES Appendix I (notwithstanding any quota system) and / or Annex A to Regulation (EC) No 338/97. For these species the customs value is 1 penny.

For imports of other hunting trophies in raw or unfinished state to Denmark from countries outside the EU, the value  is based on Toldvejledningens Annex 3

For trophies, which are ready-on importation shall be subject to the customs value also include the value of this work.

If the  trophy were sent separately, the transportation and insurance costs are included.

There are normally 25% import tax on imports of untreated game trophies.
Finished trophies imported as collectibles and are subject to use tax scheme. And calculated end only 5% import tax.